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Featured Webinars

A workflow for achieving end-to-end PO visibility

In this webinar we will learn how with the right mix of technology, methodology and a proven work flow, companies can better manage supply chain disruptions and achieve end to end po visibility...


Predicting suppliers on time deliveries

In this webinar we will further look at the ways we can predict suppliers on time performance and late deliveries...


Suppliers manufacturing collaboration

This webinar is a free webinar delivered by IDAS professionals designed to introduce you with the most advanced suppliers collaboration concepts.


Featured Blogs

Taking supplier collaboration to the next level

Supply chains, particularly those in the manufacturing and assembly sectors, that rely on complex and global networks of suppliers, face various obstacles, such as supply chain disruptions, demand volatility, supplier reliability, logistical challenges, Inventory Management issues...

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Supplier Collaboration: effective channels for end-to-end PO communication with suppliers

In today’s ever-changing supply chain landscape, effective communication with suppliers is essential for successful collaboration and efficient supply chain operations, especially in the demanding field...

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The five core aspects to supplier collaboration

Building Deep Supplier Relationships and collaboration between buyers and suppliers as a part of one’s company's supply chain and procurement strategy is essential for effective supplier relationship management and can lead to improved efficiency...

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Big data in procurement

Big data is one of the most commonly discussed topics today, and many companies are attentively monitoring the evolution of this trend. Several studies have shown that managers can make the best decisions when armed with data and tools to gather insight. Researchers report that a 15–20% increase....

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Ways to increase supplier engagement

Digital supply chain programs are being ranked as one of the highest priorities for supply chain leaders in 2023 and many focus on driving supply chain visibility as a starting point....

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Supplier's scorecard and risk management

Many industries face a complex value chain with many different stakeholders. The suppliers play a crucial role in the overall product development and production process, as well as for the digital transformation of the industry...

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Your PO Life Cycle GPS

CEOs, as well as supply chain and procurement managers, find it difficult to predict where the next "bottleneck" will be, which will disrupt the supply of parts, stop production lines and cause dissatisfaction with the end customers...

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Featured eBooks

How to collaborate with suppliers like a pro

The quality of supplier collaboration can mean the difference between an efficient supply chain and a poorly executed one. In this guide we will look at practical supplier collaboration methods...


Predicting late suppliers deliveries - a "how to" guide

In this ebook we will discuss methods to predict late suppliers deliveries and how to become proactive and stop chasing your past dues and line stoppages...


Big data analytics in suppliers management

Big data analytics have obvious applications and represents a new era in the SCM field...Read more in this ebook


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