Webinar - Strategic Supplier Collaboration Enhancing On-Time Deliveries

28 February 2023

In today’s ever-changing supply chain landscape, one main obstacle facing manufacturing companies is the daily challenge of on-time delivery to the manufacturer’s assembly line from hundreds or more active suppliers. Even one component not delivered on time out of thousands needed on the assembly line, will result in line stoppages and revenue loss.

With a proactive approach to supplier collaboration, companies can foster strong, collaborative relationships with their suppliers, resulting in a more resilient and efficient supply chain. This approach helps in identifying and addressing potential challenges before they escalate, contributing to the overall success of both parties involved.

In this webinar, we will see how the use of online supply chain visibility tools are an excellent way to facilitate the buyer-supplier collaboration process and achieve a better end-to-end po visibility process in which both parties can address various challenges and enhance the overall efficiency of the delivery process and improve on time delivery rates.

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