The IDAS Next-Gen PO Visibility Platform

IDAS Provides 360⁰ Visibility of the Entire PO Life Cycle

For Supply Chain Managers – particularly those who rely on just-in-time delivery of components and materials – the unexpected late delivery of parts is the number one problem.

The IDAS team is uniquely positioned to overcome this problem. We have accumulated first-hand, in-depth knowledge of Supplier and Purchase Order Management processes over decades spent in the trenches – battling the obstacles to On-Time Delivery.

Utilizing our exceptional know-how, we have created the IDAS Platform – providing ongoing, real-time visibility of the entire Purchase Order Life Cycle, paving the way for On-Time Delivery.

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The Technology

Our Platform is based on first-of-their-kind in-house-developed tools and methodologies that utilize the latest state-of-the-art technologies, including advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning.

This proven, next-generation solution consists of a Supplier-Friendly Portal and a ground-breaking Parts Prediction Algorithm.

The IDAS Platform:

  • Receives and collects PO data from all stakeholders
  • Processes and analyzes PO data
  • Focuses on and prioritizes any potential trouble spots

Early Warnings

IDAS provides advance warning of possible delivery delays by discovering problematic suppliers, parts, and POs before they shut down your lines and jeopardize shipments to your customers – and your reputation.

Together with our customized services – including supplier onboarding as well as customer and supplier training and guidance along every step of the way – the IDAS Platform: helps improve on-time, in-full delivery rates; reduce costs; gain control over inventory; mitigate risks; and facilitate continuous interaction with suppliers.

IDAS enables the smart & timely decisions that keep manufacturing and assembly lines humming.


IDAS Supplier Portal

Receives and Collects PO Data from All Stakeholders

Overcoming the shortcomings of other portals, the supplier-friendly IDAS Portal creates an open, easy-to-use, secure, web-based channel. It enables continuous access, communication, and transparency between suppliers and your procurement & supply chain management teams – and an unmatched level of real-time collaboration, visibility and traceability.

Enabling a secure and efficient work environment, suppliers can log in, with no installation required, from anywhere at any time. They can easily view all relevant PO data including contractual dates, need dates, Kanban and VMI signals, and 36-month forecasts – and can provide updated information regarding open orders, manufacturing processes such as progress on production lines, delivery commitment dates, current stock levels, and shipment details.

If a shipment is expected within a pre-defined shipping window, the supplier can create advance shipping notices, upload various files, and initiate a fully-paperless process – generating a digital barcode which is scanned at the receiving dock, with the ERP updated automatically.

IDAS achieves a remarkable 70-75% supplier monthly participation, with non-conforming suppliers receiving reminders to update the portal.


ERP Integration

Smart and cost-effective, the IDAS Portal can be rapidly integrated with any ERP system, and allows the incorporation of hundreds of suppliers. The system receives inputs in any digital format from the ERP, continuously transfers this information to the IDAS database, validates the information, updates all stakeholders, and sends confirmations back to the ERP. The system can be used by suppliers in various ways: manually, semi-automatically or fully automatically.

IDAS Parts Prediction Algorithm - PPA

Processes and Analyzes PO Data - Takes Your Supplier Portal to the Next Level

In order to ensure the On-Time Delivery of critical parts and mitigate risks, manufacturers and assembly houses need accurate predictions of potential problems.The IDAS Platform uses a prediction algorithm to foresee delivery issues and provide warnings before any damage is caused. This capability enables a company to become proactive rather than reactive, and to improve its selection of suppliers, management of supplier relationships, and ordering processes - and eliminate line stoppages by achieving higher rates of On-Time Delivery.


Big Data

The IDAS PPA is based on a Big Data Analysis of 4 types of supplier data:

  • Historical, 12-month inbound shipment data from the ERP system
  • Manufacturing data from the Portal, including finished goods & Work in Process
  • Supplier PO current confirmations from the Portal
  • Supplier Portal updating trends

Scoring System

Following the Big Data analysis, the algorithm provides a Scoring System that is adjusted on both a supplier and a part level. The scores are grouped according to the urgency of action needed:

Red < 65, late or will be late in the next 90 days; needs immediate attention

Yellow > 65 - <85, might be late in the next 90 days

Green > 85, will be on time in the next 90 days

Focuses and Prioritizes Trouble Spots

The IDAS Parts Prediction Algorithm enables your Supply Chain team to focus its attention on potentially late deliveries, and to prioritize the actions required to prevent these delays before they occur. IDAS removes the burden of manual analysis of vast amounts of data - and makes endless phone calls and emails to suppliers a thing of the past.

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