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We offer the integration of cutting-edge technology based on a proven worldwide communication tool and the next generation of parts prediction algorithm or PPA.

Supplier Portals

The Supply chain set of tools were built to help SCM teams better track suppliers open PO's and manufactured parts by allowing suppliers to update data in an easy, simple and fast secured web portal.
The tools which include the Supplier Portal, Supplier Shipments and parts tracking ,will streamline the flow of information between suppliers and SCM teams there by increasing visibility, traceability and giving you the tools to communicate and take the right decisions to achieve on time deliveries.

Parts Prediction Application (PPA)

We take pride in our ground-breaking PPA Algorithm which allows supply chain teams to assess and measure suppliers data and activity over time. This includes historical and current acknowledgments, manufacturing, and shipping trends and data. PPA offers a prediction system and indicator for your manufactured parts at your suppliers, allowing you to make the appropriate decisions and to manage and guarantee on-time delivery.

Suppliers Management

In today’s global integrated supply chain, supply relationships are more important than ever to building competitive advantages. For those who are not managing supplier risks effectively in an increasingly unstable market, Our Delivery Assurance Services’ supply methodology offers clients with tools to enhance supply chain processes, improving transparency, and supplier’s performances and achiving:
• Guaranteeing suppliers on time delivery
• Improving suppliers visibility and traceability
• Efficient suppliers risks management
• Effortless suppliers communication
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Suppliers On Boarding

Our suppliers management services which include , supplier portal training and on boarding, technical support ,help desk and routine follow ups will free your procurement team’s time to focus on more strategic tasks related to supplier selection, supplier evaluation and performance management.

Min Max, Safety Stock Programs

Min Max and Safety stock programs are important for all businesses and are essential part of capturing opportunistic sales, retaining business and making customers happy.
Let our advanced tools help you better track and improve your stock programs.

Line of Balance (LOB)

Our LOB Service will help you address the question of how aligned is supplier specific parts production with your demand.
Save time , money and resources currently allocated to contacting and managing your suppliers, with our on line automatic and on site capabilities.

Predictive Capacity

Our AI algorithm which captures suppliers’ activities over time, analysis manufacturing trends, thereby spotting and alerting on potential supplier manufacturing capacity bottle necks in advance letting you prioritize your manufactured parts at the supplier , avoiding future on time delivery misses and assemble lines shut downs.

Procurement Reviews

Let our accumulated supply chain experience be on your side and help your procurement teams better analyze and react to your suppliers proactively and on time

Out Sourcing

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Parts Won't be on time, Pricing constraints, Looking to dual source?
We can help you with high-quality manufactured products from a variate of technologies including Machining, Casting, 3D printing, Screw type machining, delivered on time, with competitive pricing and full customer support throughout the product’s life-cycle, from leading manufacturers in Israel, Turkey, India and East Europe.

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