Our comprehensive range of services is based on the company’s 35+ years of hands-on experience in Supply Chain Management. Beyond the standard fare, we provide an array of unique services that deliver significant advantages for your team while maximizing platform benefits. Using our specialized services, supply chain teams can be relieved of time-consuming and often frustrating interactions with Suppliers – saving time and resources, extending their capabilities, and decreasing their dependence on internal resources – all while being assured of an exceptional 70-75% rate of ongoing Supplier collaboration.


Specialized Services

  • On-Time Delivery Assurance:

    We provide a full Supplier delivery assurance service that includes continuous risk assessment and real-time reporting of parts deliveries. The service covers tracking of top-priority Supplier parts – from raw materials through manufacturing, shipping, and delivery – as well as the identification and resolution of any supply disruption issues. Weekly status calls are held with supply chain teams to mitigate potential delivery delays. Recovery plans are developed, enabling the re-alignment of deliveries – and recommendations for supplier management improvement are provided, together with methods for maintaining these improvements. As part of the service, the IDAS Parts Prediction Algorithm is tailored to customer requirements, with specialized reports created in response to demands arising from daily operations.

  • Supplier Onboarding:

    This service includes the management of the entire Supplier registration process – as well as hands-on training sessions, tutorials, demonstrations, extensive materials in text and video formats, and tools to enhance Supplier collaboration.

  • Supplier ERP Integration:

    This service includes the seamless integration of the Supplier’s ERP with the IDAS Supplier Portal – as well as the assessment of the ERP’s capability to generate automated outputs that can be automatically imported to the IDAS Platform.


Standard Services

  • Integration: The IDAS Platform can be rapidly integrated with your ERP system via API’s, SQL queries or flat files. The process is typically completed within 30 days.
  • Supply Chain Team Onboarding: This includes tailored, hands-on training sessions, tutorials, demonstrations, and an array of materials in text and video formats. The service is continued until every user is comfortable with the platform.
  • Technical Support: We provide technical assistance whenever needed via our online Help Desk.
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