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Manufacturing Collaboration - Supplier Lead time Analysis and management

08 October 2021

Supplier Lead Time is the amount of time that normally elapses between the time an order is received by a supplier and the time the order is shipped.

IDAS Supplier Portal

In most enterprise purchasing systems, suppliers lead time are entered upon supplier agreement signature and are kept as static data on a part level which is not updated frequently or at all.

Since supplier lead time plays a critical role in the timing and sizing of purchase order decisions, many purchasing professionals have recognized this importance, and are looking to accurately predict lead times and to develop strategies for coping with problems created by lead time variations.

Looking at a module which can predicts the lead time variation % of a supplier manufactured part compared to the current static lead time maintained in the enterprise purchasing system, is one way to accelerate suppliers manufacturing control

This module combines data captured from various systems:

  • Purchasing information from the enterprise system
  • Goods received information from the enterprise system
  • Daily supplier data captured in our systems: late lines, late qty
  • Supplier portal inputs such as date difference in supplier po confirmations

Blending this wide range of information and sources, helps build an accurate module and after training it, It helps build an accurate prediction system, which highlights the following to the supply chain organization:

  • Fine-tune suppliers metrics to better predict if parts will be shipped on time or not.
  • Specify lead time data on a part level which includes WIP (Work in process) and inventory qty recommendation for both buyers and suppliers.
  • Return updated lead time to enterprise system to better manage the purchase order life cycle.
  • RStart using tools that offer greater control and collaboration in supplier management. Gain visibility and transparency in POs, specific delivery deadlines, predict delays, reduce time and costs.

Stop chasing your parts, past dues and line stoppages. Its time to become proactive!

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