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Find a needle (late deliveries) in a haystack (open orders)

22 November 2021

“We cannot accept this additional slip from 11/30 promise to second week of December. We need major improvements. Also, we need to look out further to recovery. Please provide a line of balance that shows full recovery. I’m seeing more delivery concerns...We are now line down/stopped for this shortage.“

Predicting late deliveries
IDAS Supplier Portal

So, you probably have written such mails before…
Your supplier confirms PO’s regularly, but you still find yourself chasing parts, past dues and line stoppages?
The amount of data received from your suppliers and finding the problems is overwhelming like finding a needle in a haystack?

Receiving Po confirmations is not sufficient without the tools to analyze, predict and alert on any late deliveries. A feature that most current suppliers’ collaboration tools lack.

This is where big data analytics can help focus supply chain teams on problems and free up time to deal with them, and not discover them. Such bid data algorithms study and analyses the data gathered from supplier commitments over time, the algorithm provides a scoring system that is adjusted on a supplier level and can help predict and indicate which parts will be on time and which will be late up to 90 days in advance.

This is of huge potential benefit to manufacturing companies, especially those that rely on just-in-time component and materials delivery, and will improve OTD rates and assemble lines shutdowns with the costs associated with such problems. Stop chasing your parts, past dues, and line stoppages.

Stop chasing your parts, past dues and line stoppages. Its time to become proactive!

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