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Achieving End to End PO Visibility

11 July 2022

Global supply chain issues are making headlines these days and all industries are feeling the pain of supply chain disruptions, facing everything from difficulty obtaining needed supplies to being unable to fulfill customer orders as quickly as they have in the past.

Achieving End to End PO Visibility
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While many factors are contributing to supply chain disruptions that are beyond a company’s control, businesses are not wholly powerless. With the right mix of technology and methodology, companies can better manage such disruptions.

Achieving a healthy level of collaboration, visibility and traceability with suppliers and gaining end to end po visibility – from the factory to distribution center/assembly lines is essential for coping with such disruptions and eliminating daily, manual, time-consuming tasks and other supply chain related pain points:

• Phone calls and e-mails to suppliers requesting confirming orders, checking delivery status, rescheduling to meet Material Requirements Planning (MRP)

• Intake of unnecessary inventory too soon

• Admitting that supplier lead times need to be updated in MRP

• Maintaining Excel spreadsheets and reports to share supplier delivery, shortages, hot lists

• Escalations to leadership

• Conference calls and WebEx meetings with suppliers

• Paying expedite fees

• SCM shortages being the main reason for missed deliveries to the customer

Stop chasing your parts, past dues and line stoppages. Its time to become proactive!

See our webinar “Achieving end to end po visibility” to learn more:

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