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Webinar – A workflow for achieving end to end PO visibility

21 April 2023

Global supply chain issues are making headlines these days and all industries are feeling the pain of supply chain disruptions, facing everything from difficulty obtaining needed supplies to being unable to fulfill customer orders as quickly as they have in the past

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While there are many factors contributing to supply chain disruptions that are beyond a company’s control, businesses are not wholly powerless. With the right mix of technology, methodology and a proven work flow, companies can better manage such disruption and achieve end to end po visibility – from factory to distribution center and assembly lines and stop constantly chasing products, pasts dues, suppliers and line stoppages.

IDAS team of highly qualified professionals are offering a free webinar in which they will present a step by step work flow they developed which helps companies achieve an end- to- end PO visibility from PO placement by the Customer, to supplier confirmations, to manufacturing tracking of WIP, while predicting on time deliveries.