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IDAS Supplier Portal

Because of its intelligent configuration and proven supplier’s management methodology, the system increases supplier participation and reached levels of 75% month by month participation rates.

Unlike other platforms, IDAS supply chain collaboration set of tools provides innovative tools such as A.I. and ML to achieve a real-time connection with your suppliers, analyzes bid data from various systems, and predicts possible delivery problems.

The portal is specially designed to provide a unique user experience and meet the demands and needs of each supplier.
It allows an immediate and direct connection with suppliers in one place.
In addition, it is a more economical option since it reduces costs and time and automatically analyzes big data gathered from suppliers and predict problems in advance.

The implementation of IDAS is done gradually and efficiently and allows organizations to adjust to new market requirements.
The return on investment occurs quickly since the software is 50% cheaper than other similar ones.
In addition, it avoids additional expenses since you will find all the tools collaborate with your suppliers in a single portal.

Yes, due to its innovative configuration, the platform can be used as a service basis (SAAS) and worldwide access and connection.
It is hosted in Triple C server farms in Israel and managed under ISO 27001:2013 requirements.

The highly innovative software ensures that the predictions are 95% accurate based on the information received by the suppliers.
The IDAS algorithm performs an accurate statistical analysis based on:

  • Historical Shipments
  • Suppliers Production data (WIP & Stock)
  • Supplier Open P.O.'s confirmations (Supplier Portal)
  • Supplier reporting trends (Statistical analysis of supplier portal confirmation data)

We offer you a more profound customer experience. With immediate support through email, phone calls, web, we focus on efficient and personalized assistance guided by your needs for automatic and efficient management of your suppliers.

We have more than 35 years of experience in developing supplier collaboration methodology and technology that help organizations optimize their performance. We offer them greater control with automatic and efficient management of their supply chain.
We are highly committed to providing innovative solutions based on the needs of each customer to enable their business growth.

Yes, we have a portfolio of more than 30 companies worldwide that have optimized the management and control of their organization.

Yes, we offer a 3-month free trial period for users to discover all the program's benefits and potential for them. However, the NRE payment for the SOW process will be billed before the start of usage.

Yes, we offer a detailed list with our customers' names, so you can see how the use of the supplier portal has innovated their performance. Contact names and details will be sent per request.

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