About Us


IDAS is an Israeli company with over 30 years of experience in the suppliers’ management field, developing technology and offering intelligent solutions to help companies manage their suppliers.

IDAS Supplier Portal

Our work is oriented to optimize organizations' procurement operations and services through the most innovative collaborative suppliers’ tools that put the latest AI and ML technology at your disposal to perfect your supply chain and logistics process.

We are the best suppliers’ management partner, with supplier collaboration methodology and technology that precisely match each supplier's requirements and unique characteristics.

We provide access, visibility, and transparency in your suppliers’ management operations, maximizing your level of security and efficiency to provide an efficient supply chain.

Save time and money!

We anticipate your needs and offer you an efficient guide to acquire the solutions that will allow you to maximize your needs. Reduce costs, obtain greater control over your inventory, reduce the delivery time of shipments, maintain a continuous interaction between suppliers.